Withdraw your funds via USDX Wallet app!
Wanted to withdraw your funds easily? Now you can quickly exchange LHT to Bitcoin by a favorable rate, right in the app. Please upgrade to version 1.25
How we calculate the withdrawal rate in the app now:
- The upper bet price to buy BTC on ExMarkets is taken;
- The user gets the amount of BTC minus our 5% fee and BTC fee for making a transaction.

How we will calculate the withdrawal rate in the nearest future:
- We will review all exchanges where ours coins are listed;
- We will also analyze all pairs listed and traded;
- After this, we will calculate the most efficient exchange rate - this rate will be available for users of USDX Wallet app only.

Of course, users can do this procedure themselves, but they will have to be registered on all exchanges where our coins are listed and quickly check all available LHT/BTC rates to choose the best one. Those who are in crypto trading know that registration, as well as comparison process, is not quick and straightforward.