USDX — Stable Currency
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Bring Stability To Your Finances
With USDX Currency
Stable and Overcollateralized
USDX is pegged to the U.S. Dollar. A smart contract ensures that at any time, each USDX token is collateralized with at least 200% worth of core LHT coins according to LHT's market price.
We need umbrellas to safely protect ourselves from a heavy rain. The same thing happens with crypto markets: In times of extreme volatility, participants search for an "umbrella" to cover their funds. Stablecoins are created just for that situation. What makes USDX a preferable stable currency? Why should crypto newbies and crypto enthusiasts both opt for a USDX "umbrella"?
One can send and receive USDX via the USDX Wallet app — a slick and simple alternative to traditional methods of transactions and payments.
Everyone knows what a greenback is worth. Thanks to a 1:1 dollar peg, thinking and calculating in USDX is pretty straightforward.
Due to its stability, USDX currency is particularly useful as a means of payment and savings. Unlike cash, it can't be lost or damaged.
USDX currency can be bought with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and over 50 various Altcoins and is sold at online exchanges.
Person-to-Person Payments
Send and receive USDX between friends and family quickly, easily and securely. Just choose the recipient from your contacts or scan the QR code of his/her wallet.
Service and Content Payments
Use USDX stablecoin to pay for services such as taxis or car sharing. Buy apps, music and movies, or pay for subscription-based content.
Payments and Transfers Made Easy and Fee Free
Funds Transfers
Send digital money to your family and friends in seconds, whether they live in the same country or abroad.
Buying Goods
Shop in retail and online stores using the USDX Wallet app on your smartphone.
USDX cryptocurrency is tailor-made for payments, which is why it has been made stable with a price pegged to the much-used USD. What's more, if you don't have a bank account (like the other 1.7 billion adults according to the World Bank), you can still make remittances using USDX. Your mobile number is enough to get you started. With a few taps in the USDX Wallet's mobile phone application, money will be transferred within seconds to another user without any transaction fees.
USDX Wallet will disrupt the way we pay and the fees we pay for transactions. No matter where you are.
Experience quick, intuitive payments. Enter a name or a phone number and see your transaction processed in a moment.
Secure and Fee-free
Send funds to your friends and family without any commissions. Feel safe with multiple layers of security.
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