Very big news: USDX is finally listed!
We all have waited this for a long time. USDX token is now on ExMarkets exchange.
USDX is on Exmarkets exchange. You can trade USDX/BTC and USDX/ETH pairs from now on. Plus, the exchange rate you see in the USDX Wallet app correlates with the market price now (it was fixed before).

You may notice that USDX price at ExMarkets is below 1 USD. Please don't panic. It happens because some people are selling their USDX tokens at low prices. Let them get rid of it, hold USDX for a while. Each USDX stablecoin is backed by 2$ equivalent of LHT, and the price will be back to 1$. Because the only way from down is up!