Final Airdrop from USDX Wallet has started
Exciting tasks and generous rewards await you. Head straight and happy hunting!
USDX Wallet bounty campaign will run until September 10th. This time around we came up with new challenges, check the rules and tasks here:

So why are we having an Airdrop now? Here is our CEO's explanation. Pretty clear, right?

Here is a quick recap of general rules:

✅Airdrop & Bounty campaign runs from 10.07.2019 to 10.09.2019
✅Join Telegram Airdrop Bot @USDX_Airdrop_Bounty_bot
✅Subscribe to USDX Wallet Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Instagram
! DO NOT unsubscribe until you'll receive your reward
✅Install USDX Wallet App to get your USDX. One person - one USDX Wallet account only
! Cheating, bots, multiple accounts or revealing answers of Video Contest are not allowed.
✅You will receive your tokens ONE MONTH after Airdrop ends
✅Make your Instagram and Facebook accounts public

! All questions should be asked in Airdrop Support Chat @USDX_Airdrop_Bounty_support

Ready. Steady. Go!