Stay Safe During Crypto Storms.
Get Profit when the Market Goes Down.

Protect Your Digital Assets
and Reduce Your Risks
How to Survive During Сrypto Storms
As an owner of crypto assets, you know how volatile cryptocurrencies are and therefore appreciate ways of protecting the value of your assets.
The Lighthouse team has developed a stablecoin to guide your assets safely through crypto storms and has implemented an investment token so that you can profit when the cryptocurrency market falls.
At Lighthouse, we believe that the crypto world should be a more stable and predictable place. Our instruments help professional investors to preserve and enlarge their capital. Using our tools, crypto newbies can safely dip their toes into the crypto waters.
Limited in Supply
The LHT is an investment token with a limited supply. Its price is based on the Lighthouse company's market value, which is influenced by many factors, such as USDX stablecoin utilization, demand for the LHT token and the efficiency of the USDX payment system
as a whole.
Smart contract ensures each USDX token is collateralized with at least 200% worth of LHT currency according to the current market price. As 1 USDX = 1 USD, each USDX is collateralized with at least 2 USD. If the price of LHT drops, the blockchain adds more LHT tokens for each USDX. This causes USDX to become over-collateralized.
The LHT and USDX cryptocurrencies are available to everyone, even the unbanked. Being blockchain-based, they provide a safe way to transfer and store funds.
Stablecoin, Investment Token and the Connection Between Them
The LightHouse Token, or LHT, is a core cryptocurrency and a collateral for the USDX stablecoin. The combination of the LHT token and USDX stablecoin is boosting global cryptocurrency usage and increasing its safety.
The Cryptocurrency Market Drops
Imagine that the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and the majority of other cryptocurrencies are plummeting. During this bear trend every crypto holder wants to convert his/her assets into a stable currency, i.e., fiat money like the US dollar or stablecoins. Conversion into fiat currencies may take a long time; moreover, exchanges charge considerable withdrawal fees.
High Demand for USDX
Unsurprisingly, in a situation such as this there will be a high demand for USDX as it is a stable cryptocurrency. Eventually, all the available USDX will be sold.
Why Does LHT Do Well when the Cryptocurrency Market Goes Down?
The most amazing feature of the LHT token is how its behavior opposes that of the overall cryptocurrency market. This makes it a valuable cryptocurrency trading instrument and a profitable asset.
Let's explain why it happens.
Buying LHT to Get More USDX
To get more USDX, people will need to buy LHT because it's the only way to force the blockchain to issue more USDX.
Making a Profit or Saving Funds
People then can exchange the LHT tokens they have bought to USDX stablecoins or, if they want to profit from the situation, they can keep their LHT and sell them later at a higher price.
So, as you can see, when the cryptocurrency market goes down, the demand for USDX stablecoins goes up, thus raising the demand for LHT and the price of LHT tokens.
LHT is one of several instruments that allow investors to diversify their portfolio. The possibility of exchanging LHT for USDX stablecoin at any time with no fee makes LHT even more helpful.
USDX is a great tool for nailing down profits and keeping the value of your assets unchanged when you don't feel like taking risks. Moreover, USDX can be used during arbitrage transactions to protect the value of your assets in case of a sudden price move.
Use Cases: Investing and Trading
Graphene: The Technology
Behind Our Crypto
Both LHT and USDX are based on Graphene™ – a third generation software for the cryptographically secure decentralized ledgers known as blockchains.
Stable and Secure
Powering BitShares, Steemit and many other projects, Graphene technology has been delivering high performance, stability and security for over five years.
Lightning Fast
Graphene outperforms every other blockchain in the world: it can process 100,000 transactions per second, which is as many transactions per second as Visa and MasterCard process combined.
How to Buy
LHT and USDX Tokens
You can buy LHT and USDX cryptocurrencies via the USDX Wallet app, which is available for both iOS and Android.
We are actively discussing the listing of our tokens on major exchanges all over the world, so you have a good chance of finding an exchange pair with USDX and LHT tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange on which you are registered.
Buy with Cryptocurrencies
The app allows you to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum and 50+ Altcoins. LHT tokens are sold according to the mid-market price without any additional fees.
Convert Your Tokens
You are free to convert LHT to USDX and vice versa at any time without paying fees.
on Exchanges
How Lighthouse Plans
to Become Profitable
As a self-funded company, Lighthouse has the necessary money to develop its payment system. In future, we plan to partner with merchants who will accept payments in USDX stablecoin. We'll charge the merchants a small commission for using our infrastructure and payment processing system, ensuring no-fee payments for customers.
If you have any questions or suggestions about the USDX Wallet app please email
If you are interested in institutional LHT and USDX purchases or want to collaborate with Lighthouse, please contact us via
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