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Airdrop & Bounty campaign 2019
Get free USDX tokens for comlpeting simple tasks described below!
General Rules
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One person — one USDX Wallet account only. You will receive your tokens ONE MONTH after airdrop ends
Make your Instagram and Facebook accounts public
Airdrop & Bounty campaign period
10 July 2019 – 10 September 2019
All questions should be asked in Airdrop Support Chat @USDX_Airdrop_Bounty_support
Cheating, bots, multiple accounts or revealing answers of Video Contest are not allowed.
Twitter Task
Follow @USDXWallet twitter account.
Like, comment and retweet 3 of our latest tweets.
Create your own tweet about USDX Wallet Agents Program with the link, picture and hashtags #GodBlessSatoshi #USDXWallet #USDX #LHT
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Multiple accounts are not allowed.
You must switch privacy settings to open on your Twitter page.

Instagram Task
Follow USDX Wallet Instagram account.
Like and comment 3 our posts.
Create your own post about USDX Wallet Agents Program with the link, picture and hashtags #GodBlessSatoshi #USDXWallet #USDX #LHT
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Facebook Task
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Make your own post about this USDX Wallet funny video with the link and hashtags #GodBlessSatoshi #USDXWallet #USDX #LHT
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Your account should be public.

Telegram Task
Join USDX Wallet Telegram channel
Referral Task
Invite your friend to USDX Wallet bot and get your additional USDX
Content creation Task
5 USDX/Article
Post an article about USDX Wallet on one of the following platforms: Reddit, Medium, Steemit, Golos, BitcoinTalk, LinkedIn.
One source - one article maximum.
Acceptable content format: an article must have a product overview with a reference to the website
You can use any official images, logos, graphics posted on the website, the ANN branch, Facebook and Twitter.

An article should be at least 500 words long.
Low-quality articles will not be accepted.
Article must be written in a language native to its readers.
Article must contain only original content – we will check for plagiarism.
Article must be public and visible for search engines.

Instagram & Youtube Task
Create and post a video on Instagram OR Youtube where you say on your native language "Hello! My name is…your answer… .My first purchase in crypto was…your answer… . God bless Satoshi!".

For both A and B options You should name your post "USDX Wallet …" and also put these hashtags #GodBlessSatoshi #USDXWallet #USDX #LHT

Accounts must be original. All fake, inactive or bot accounts will be disqualified, we will check every account.
Multiple accounts are not allowed.
Your Instagram account or Youtube video should be public.
Create your own promotional video about USDX Wallet. Be creative. 3 most popular video will get 100 - 50 - 25 USDX.
We will publish your video here.
up to 100 USDX
Video Contest
up to 50 USDX
Subscribe to USDX Youtube channel.
Watch, like & comment 3 our videos.
Find 10 hidden "signs" like: symbols, texts, sounds or objects in this video. Look carefully, some "signs" will be shown for a few seconds. Signs are not related to crypto only. Some of them are from movies.
Fill in this form with found "signs".
Youtube accounts must be original. All fake, inactive or bot accounts will be disqualified, we will check every account.
Posting Video Contest answers are not allowed. You will be banned and you won't get any reward.
Total number of participants — 1000.
One account per person. Multiple accounts are not allowed.

Become a USDX Wallet Agent, share your promo code and get 10% of ALL of your friend's purchases, and up to 100% of your affiliates earnings! Rewards are paid in Bitcoin (BTC).

Your friends will get 10% extra tokens for free with their first purchase using your promo code
Frequently Asked Questions
Airdrop rules
1 person = 1 registration. Software emulators, bots, multiple registrations or multiple accounts from one device are not allowed. Cheaters will not get any tokens.

We will verify all your completed tasks. So read task descriptions carefully (e.g., if you will use only one of the four hashtags in Twitter task — you will not get tokens for this task).

Revealing answers of Video Contest is not allowed

Do not unsubscribe until you receive your reward

Ask any questions about the airdrop here

See all Airdrop tasks and rules
Are multiple registrations prohibited?
Yes, 1 person = 1 USDX Wallet account.

Software emulators, bots, multiple registrations or multiple accounts from one device are not allowed. Cheaters will not get any tokens.
How long will the Airdrop last? What is the limit of participants?
Airdrop period: July 8, 2019 — September 8, 2019. There are no limits on the amount of participants.
Who can participate?
Anyone can participate. But those who participated in the previous USDX Airdrop will not get tokens for the Telegram task.
Bot doesn't accept my Facebook link. It says "This is invalid profile link"
1) Your FB profile link should look like "".

If it looks like "…", then delete "?s=…" and the bot will accept it.

2) If your FB profile link looks normal, but the bot still rejects it — your Facebook profile is hidden.

You need to set it to public and the bot will accept it 
Any rewards for referrals?
You can earn 2 USDX for each friend you invited to the Airdrop bot.

Also, if you want to invite your friends and get 10% of ALL their purchases, you can use your referral link from 'Agents Program' section in the navigation drawer of USDX Wallet app. Click on an upper left 'hamburger' icon to find it. Learn more.
Is KYC required?
The valid mobile phone number and possibility to answer calls and receive SMS by this number is the only KYC that we require. If we have any suspicions of cheating, we may request additional information about you, including photos.
What is USDX token?
USDX is a price-stable token pegged to the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio via a smart contract. Simply put, 1 USDX = 1 USD. Each USDX stablecoin is collateralized with at least 200% worth of the core LHT cryptocurrency. Due to its stability, USDX is useful as a means of payment, exchange and savings. Unlike cash, it can't be lost, stolen or damaged.
Where can I trade USDX?
USDX token is listed on exchange in trading pairs with Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC. Moreover, you can trade USDX in the official 'Buy & Sell USDX' group in Telegram.
Is it ERC-20 token/system?
No, it's not. USDX Wallet uses Lighthouse Blockchain based on Graphene/BitShares protocol. See recent operations on the blockchain in Lighthouse Explorer.
I finished all tasks. When will I get my USDX?
You will get your USDX in October.
I don't remember my USDX Wallet account name. How to recover it?
If you forgot your account name you can log in using your phone number. Input your phone number in the international format, starting with "+" sign.

❗️Note: if you don't remember your password, we won't be able to help, as we don't have access to your password and funds.
I lost my USDX Wallet password. How to recover it?
If you've activated password recovery procedure in the past, you can recover your password as explained here: (it's better to use the device on which you've passed the password recovery procedure). If you haven't passed the password recovery procedure, we can't help you as we don't have access to users' passwords. You have to create a new account. We strongly advise you to follow the password recovery procedure to prevent this situation in future.
I can't download the USDX Wallet app. It shows "Device is not compatible"
For Android devices, the app requires Android version 6.0 or later.

For iOS devices, the app is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later.

If your device's OS is lower, unfortunately, we can do nothing with this at the moment.
I can't input/verify my phone number. I don't receive a code via SMS.
1) Check if you've entered your phone number in the international format, as shown here. If the problem remains, please fill in the form.

2) If the phone is inputted correctly, but you are not getting SMS with a code, just wait 60 seconds and you will receive a call: the robot will tell you the code. If you didn't receive a call — ask @usdx_assistant_bot for help.

3) If you have lost access to the phone number you used to register an account in USDX Wallet, you can unlink it using this form.
I have problems with the USDX Wallet app. It shows me "an error occurred while sending transaction" or some other error.
You can wait 10 minutes and try again. Also you can try to reinstall the app. If it doesn't help, please refer to your personal USDX assistant bot — @usdx_assistant_bot
How can I buy or get USDX and LHT currency?
You can buy USDX and LHT with other cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Dash, etc.) right into the USDX Wallet app. Here are the video tutorials on how to make a purchase:



Ask a promo code from your friend to get extra 10% tokens for free with your first purchase:

You can buy LHT coin on and exchanges, and USDX token on exchange.

You can also trade LHT and USDX in the official 'Buy & Sell USDX' group in Telegram. This group is managed by authorised Escrow Agents and they will help you to conduct a safe deal.
Where can I meet USDX Wallet team in person?
You can meet USDX Wallet team at crypto conferences. For example, in May 2019 USDX Wallet CEO Andrey Peshkov was speaking on Pioneers event in Vienna. You can see other team members at our Youtube channel.

Besides, we are constantly posting our news, photos and videos in @USDXwallet channel. Enable notifications to stay up to date!
How do I suggest a partnership to USDX Wallet?
If you want to collaborate with Lighthouse Blockchain Technology (, please write us at We'll be happy to hear from you!
Scammer Alert
No one from USDX team will send you a private message containing any contribution address or offering any bonus. Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate admins and send private messages with fake wallet addresses.

If you receive a private message from someone claiming to represent USDX please forward their message to @vickuz to verify their identity
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