Become the USDX Wallet Agent and earn 10% (and more!) from your friends' purchases
Follow 3 simple steps
Install the USDX Wallet app
Motivate a friend to purchase USDX or LHT with other cryptos
Submit a form to get your reward
USDX Wallet Agents' Network
We offer you an opportunity to become a USDX Wallet Agent and to profit from that. Help us to grow and get 10% (and more!) of your friends' purchases. Rewards are paid in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).
If your friends are not satisfied, we will return the money, no questions asked.
An "Agent" is someone who invites users to the USDX Wallet app and motivates them to purchase USDX and LHT currencies. An Agent gets 10% in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) from every purchase he/she encouraged;
To get the earnings the Agent needs to fill in this form correctly for every purchase he/she encouraged:
To earn even more, an Agent can invite a "Sub-Agent". Sub-Agent needs to make at least one purchase of USDX/LHT; the Agent should submit correct info about this purchase via this form: Sub-Agent is permanently assigned to the first Agent, who correctly submitted info about his/her purchase. Sub-Agent then works the same way as an Agent, inviting users to the USDX Wallet app and encouraging purchases of USDX/LHT.
Sub-Agent is considered active in the accounting period if during this period he/she has encouraged at least one purchase and has filled in this form correctly The accounting period begins on the 1st and ends on the last day of each month.
The Agent gets the % from Sub-Agent's earnings for a maximum of 6 levels of Sub-Agents below him.
Agents' earnings never expire and are summing up every month. Earnings are paid in BTC or ETH to the Agent's Bitcoin wallet when Agent's balance exceeds $50.
The accounting period begins on the 1st and ends on the last day of each month. Agent's earnings consist of the % from the purchases he/she encouraged and submitted via form, plus the % from his/her active Sub-Agents' earnings. All earnings for the last accounting period are accrued and paid once a month, from the 1st to the 15th day of the current month.
An Agent, who has a hefty number of Sub-Agents can get % from their earnings in the following way:
1–10 = 10%
11–20 = 20%
21–30 = 30%
31–40 = 40%
41–50 = 50%
51–60 = 60%
61–70 = 70%
71–80 = 80%
81–90 = 90%
91 and more = 100%
XX-XX active Sub-Agents = XX% of
Sub-Agents' monthly earnings
Please note that USDX Wallet returns money in case of low satisfaction of the service.
Also, USDX Wallet is one and only cryptocurrency money transfer which do not charge any fee for transactions
USDX Wallet will disrupt the way we pay and the fees we pay for transactions. No matter where you are.
Experience quick, intuitive payments. Enter a name or a phone number and see your transaction processed in a moment.
Secure and Fee-free
Send funds to your friends and family without any commissions. Feel safe with multiple layers of security.
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