Give bonuses to friends and earn with USDX Wallet
Become a USDX Wallet Agent: share your promo code with friends and receive 10% of ALL their purchases, and even more! Your friend gets 10% extra tokens for free with his/her first purchase using your promo code.
The steps are simple:
Get your promo code or a special Agent's link in the USDX Wallet app
Share this link or code with your friends, so they can sign up via this link or enter a promo code during their purchase of USDX or LHT.
Withdraw your rewards paid in Bitcoin!
If your friend is not satisfied, USDX Wallet will return his/her payment, no questions asked.
Learn more about the Agents Program and its further opportunities here
USDX Wallet Agents Program
If your friend is not satisfied, USDX Wallet will return his/her payment, no questions asked.
Become a USDX Wallet Agent, help us to grow and get 10% of ALL of your friends' purchases and even more! Rewards are paid in Bitcoin (BTC).
Your benefits
Your friends will get 10% extra tokens for free with their first purchase using your promo code.

Your friends' benefits
An 'Agent' is someone who helps USDX Wallet to grow its network of users by sharing his/her promo code or a special Agent's link* with friends. If a friend enters Agent's promo code when purchasing USDX or LHT currency in the USDX Wallet app, Agent gets 10% of this and all further purchases made by this friend.

* If a friend uses special Agent's link to install the USDX Wallet app, then Agent's promo code will be entered automatically.
A friend can use Agent's promo code only for one purchase of USDX or LHT currency and get 10% extra USDX tokens when buying USDX or 10% extra LHT coins when buying LHT.
An Agent gets 10% of the first purchase made with his/her promo code and 10% of all future purchases by those friends, who used his/her promo code once. Considering this, it's better to be the first to give your Agent's promo code to existing USDX Wallet users and beneficial to invite new users, who will use your promo code for their first purchase.
Agent's reward for each purchase of USDX tokens with his/her promo code is calculated in USD (U.S. Dollar), bearing in mind that 1 USDX = 1 USD. Agent's reward for each purchase of LHT coins with his/her promo code is calculated in USD (U.S. Dollar), taking into account median LHT rate at the moment of purchase across all exchanges LHT is listed on.
Every Agent can have 'Sub-Agents'. Sub-Agents are USDX Wallet users, who purchased USDX or LHT with this Agent's promo code.
A Sub-Agent is considered active in a certain period of time if during this period he/she made a purchase of USDX/LHT or earned at least some rewards from his/her Sub-Agents.
The Agent gets % from his Sub-Agents' earnings for a maximum of 6 levels of Sub-Agents below him. Rewards less than $0,01 (1/100 of USD) are not considered and are not added to Agent's balance.
The Agent, who already have at least one Sub-Agent, can't become anyone's Sub-Agent.
Agents' earned rewards never expire. They consist of the % from the purchases, plus the % from his/her Sub-Agents' earnings. Both % are added up to the Agent's rewards balance within 24 hours after the purchase is made/Sub-Agent's reward is accrued.
An Agent can withdraw any amount greater than 50 USD by sending a withdrawal request in the USDX Wallet app. Rewards are paid in BTC (Bitcoin) by the BTC/USD rate shown in the app at the moment of creating a withdrawal request to the Agent's Bitcoin wallet during 14 days after sending the request.
If a person wants to refund a purchase of USDX or LHT currency made in the USDX Wallet app, the USDX Wallet's team will happily return the payment. To do it, the person should write an email at, specifying his/her account name in the app, exact date and time of purchase, and the amount of USDX or LHT purchased.
An Agent, who has a hefty number of active Sub-Agents in the last 30 days, gets % from their earnings in the following way:
1–10 = 10%
11–20 = 20%
21–30 = 30%
31–40 = 40%
41–50 = 50%
51–60 = 60%
61–70 = 70%
71–80 = 80%
81–90 = 90%
91 and more = 100%
XX-XX active Sub-Agents = XX% of
Sub-Agents' monthly earnings
Please note that USDX Wallet returns money in case of low satisfaction of the service.
Also, USDX Wallet is one and only cryptocurrency money transfer which do not charge any fee for transactions
USDX Wallet will disrupt the way we pay and the fees we pay for transactions. No matter where you are.
Experience quick, intuitive payments. Enter a name or a phone number and see your transaction processed in a moment.
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Send funds to your friends and family without any commissions. Feel safe with multiple layers of security.
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